Nature is our biggest ally in these unpredictable times, helping us to slow down and gain strength to fiercely face the challenges of our new everydays. Because now we need our inner power more than ever.

Our Bauhaus collection is a statement to confidently believe in tomorrow and preserve our timeless natural and cultural values.

The Bauhaus credo of combining form and function is apparent in our designs, creating harmony between geometric forms and everyday usage, while elevating our spirits with intense colors.

Lily is wearing the Bau skirt with Bau shirt, made of precious silk-cotton fabrics, created with 100% zero-waste tailoring from Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified materials. Both pieces can be easily layered and combined.

Sillhouttes that evoke nostalgy and a sense of forward-lookingness are all manufactured from the finest natural materials that stand the test of time both aesthetically and functionally.

Lara is wearing the deep-blue Phantasy dress made of high-quality natural silk, while Lily is wearing the airy Phantasy shirt in the same color from the same material with vivid mustard yellow skirt made of cotton-silk for a more accentual shape. All pieces are 100% zero-waste tailored.