„Back to the Roots”
Imagine a world where a woman’s strength lies in her sensitivity, her ambition in the ability to slow down, her confidence in her constant growth. Her heritage is engraved in her soul and reminds her of where she came from and gives wisdom and direction for her days to come.
Watercolor stains of the memory of childhood and imperfect porcelains of exquisite craftsmanship mark the hallway of the designer’s heritage. Conceived in a nostalgic haze, the collection acknowledges tradition with a contemporary boldness, encouraging the modern woman to look back and realize the value in her past.

Photo: Alianna Albert
Art direction: Alma Vetlenyi, Kata Fasi
Makeup: Csenge Gyopar Liksay
Styling: Kitti Csendom
Models: Kuda –  Visage Models, Lucy – Art Models, Roxana – Art Models